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From the heart of the world renowned Eco Village of the Marry River in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland, Australia your hosts Kylie & Scott welcome you with open arms to a remarkable oasis.

Holistic living practices are a continual focus for the Guest House & its neighbours. Thirteen dams, extensive walking tracks, swimming areas, Visitors Center, Eco Center, Village Farm, Community Market, locally produced products & services, no cats or dogs & more than 500 acres of common land, are just a few factors that provide this private community with its long term holistic health & life style prospects.

Freshness in the air, vitality in the drinking water, clear sunny skies, & a pesticide free earth all support this uniquely rich habitat that can be considered more diverse than an Australian National Park .You can see why an abundance of wild life choose to live here.

Kylie is a fully qualified Practitioner of Natural Therapies, working with individuals in Mind, Body & Spirit Healing.

Scott is committed to finding paths toward sustainable development. The Slide Didge and other unique Australian products and services that he creates help him and others around the world on this journey.

Together, they provide quality accommodation, great food & cooking facilities, a range of natural therapies for your health benefit. Here, individuals, couples, friends, families & focus groups can enjoy time & space in the present.. Freely experience a range of Health & Life Style pursuits, take part in a variety of workshops or simply explore the splendor of this natural village environment & its surrounding local attractions.

Enjoy this website presentation! Discover and be part of our network of "Links" that are forging a path toward more holistic human lifestyles.